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Do you need a television commercial, corporate, training or promotional video, CD or DVD? Our 3 Step Process will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your final production!

Pre Production

The first stage includes meetings with our producer to discuss your needs and goals. We can offer ideas and solutions to make your production really work. You can then provide us with information about your product or service, or we can write a script from your existing brochures or website information. We will write a draft script for your approval and keep making changes and drafts until you are completely happy with the script. We then ask for your approval on this script before we can move onto the next stage.


The second stage involves filming, photography (if required), and the recording of a voiceover. We will provide you with a list of shots that need to be filmed from the script and co-ordinate the filming schedule with you. If there are any interviews or testimonials to be filmed with people in your company we will assist in helping these run as smoothly as possible, so that the people feel relaxed and come across well.

The voiceover is then recorded and we can even provide translations in any language for overseas clients. If your production needs actors or a presenter, we can also provide a casting session to discover the right actor for the job. Once all the filming is completed, you are free to view the footage and come in to hear the voiceover being recorded.

Post Production

The third stage is the editing, graphics and sound mix. Once you are happy with the voiceover, we will weave our magic in the edit and graphics suite. We go through the videotapes to choose the best shots, find a great music track to accompany the video and create 2D or 3D graphics. We can even create subtitles for your international or hearing impaired viewers. You can then view a draft of the production or if you are on a busy schedule we can send you a VHS copy. Your ideas and any changes are welcomed and then the video will be finished to your total satisfaction.

Once the production is completed, we can transfer the video to DVD, or encode it MPEG 1 for CD rom copies. Your video can be turned into a CD rom or interactive DVD with the addition of menus, photos, PDF files and your logo. We can also produce release dubs for your television commercial and send them to the TV stations for you. We can also create full colour video covers, or CD/DVD inserts to complement your existing brochures or corporate colours.